List of our references

Agitator references:

Concentrator Plant, Harjavalta, Finland

  • Helix agitators Ø2600 mm, AISI
  • gls ’gas liquid solid’ agitators
  • Extraction settler with Spirok Helix agitators, AISI

Concentrator Plant, Kokkola, Finland

  • Spirok Helix agitators

Cobalt Concentrator Plant, Kokkola, Finland

  • Extraction impellers Ø1000 mm, AISI and Titanium
  • Spirok Helix agitators, AISI

Outokumpu Engineering

  • Turbine impellers (Titanium Gr2, AISI316) Chile Zaldivar 16 pcs
  • Spirok agitators (Helix) (Titanium, Gr2, AISI316) Chile Zaldivar 28 pcs, tube Ø139,7
  • Spirok agitators (Helix) (Titanium, Gr2, AISI316) Chile Radomiro 28 pcs, tube Ø139,7

Outokumpu Tornio, Finland

  • Helix agitators (904L/AISI316), Conical heavy duty Helix agitators

Concentrator Plant Dragon Mining, Sastamala, Finland

  • Coated steel stators and rotors 2 pcs

Other references:

Boliden Harjavalta, Finland

  • Acid Scrubber Towers (Hastelloy G-30, Hastelloy C-276)

Taminco, Finland

  • Formic Acid Towers (Zirconium, AISI)

Kemira, Finland

  • Cooling coils (AISI, Titanium, Zirconium)


  • Impellers (composite wear plate)

KPA Unicon Finland

  • Screw Conveyors (CS, Hardox, AISI, composite wear plate, hardfacing)

Sachtleben Pigments, Finland

  • Screw Conveyors (Titanium Gr2, AISI316, 2205, CS, Hardox)
  • Cooling coils (Zirconium, AISI316, 904L, 2205)
  • Venturi pipe with chamber (Inconel 625)
  • Agitators

Kemira Engineering, India

  • Formic Acid Towers (CS with Zirconium cladding)

Koja, Finland

  • Impellers (Titanium Gr5, composite wear plate)

Huntsman P&A, Finland

  • agitators (pitched blade agitators AISI316, 2205, CS; Gassing agitators 2205, 254SMO)
  • Screw Conveyors (Titanium Gr2, AISI316, 2205, CS, Hardox)
  • Impellers (Nicrofer, Ferralium, 2205, AISI316, Inconel 625)

Valmet , Finland, India, Indonesia etc.

  • Feed Spouts (CS, hardfacing)
  • Feed Chutes (CS, hardfacing)
  • Various Chipper parts and other engineering products (CS, AISI, composite wear plate, Hastelloy C-2000)

Fortum, Poland

  • Tube curves Ø800 (CS, composite wear plate)
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